D.E.A.D. - that's how I wanna be!

Mano sugeriu que eu fizesse um avatar Halloween no site MyWebFace, então esse é o meu:

 Zégzi ;*

Hey Frankenstein
What's on your mind?
Hey Dracula
I heard you... SUCK!

Now Vincent Price
Was Dr. Phibes
Come steal my brain, Fritz
And take it to Dr. Frankenstein!

Well you can knock on Ed Wood
But it won’t do you no good
(No, no, no, no good)
Cause all of my heroes are DEAD in Hollywood!

Hey, Norman Bates
How are your rates?
Hey Leatherface
Remove my… FACE!!

Hey Tall Man
Just take my hand
And lead me to your red planet!

Dead in Hollywood!

That’s how I wanna be!

Whoa, dead in Hollywood!

Nessas épocas de Halloween me dá uma saudade absurda de Murderdolls.

A título de curiosidade para os leigos...

1. Frankenstein - a criatura (Frankenstein [1931] - int. Boris Karloff)
2. Dracula (Dracula [1931] - int. Béla Lugosi)
3. Dr. Phibes (The Abominable Dr. Phibes [1971] - int. Vincent Price)
4. Fritz (Frankenstein [1931] - int. Dwight Frye)
5. Dr. Frankenstein (Frankenstein [1931] - int. Colin Crive)
6. Ed Wood (diretor de cinema B)
7. Norman Bates (Psycho ["Psicose" - 1960] - int. Anthony Perkins)
8. Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974] - int. Gunnar Hansen)
9. Tall Man (Phantasm [1977] - int. Angus Scrimm)